Privacy Policy

Last updated 01/02/2024


STiBaRC is a service that can be accessed using the STiBaRC website (, official STiBaRC apps for computers and mobile devices, and third-party software via the STiBaRC API. This service, and any other services we create that are branded as STiBaRC services (such as STiBaRC Messenger), will be referred to as "the service." STiBaRC is also the name of the organization that maintains the service, which will be referred to as "we" or "us." "The website" refers to and any of its subdomains (such as "You" refers to a user of the service. "Official STiBaRC software" refers to the website and official STiBaRC apps. "Third-party STiBaRC software" refers to software created by a third party that can be used to access the service.

Use of Information

We have access to the information that you input using official STiBaRC software, and information that is sent to the service as a result of your use of third-party STiBaRC software. Information that is not public will not be sold, rented, or given to anyone.
We may contact you using the email address you provide on your profile to notify you of events that require you to take an action, such as data leaks. We will not send you emails automatically.
We do not use your personal information to make automated decisions.

Children Under 16

The service is not directed to children under 16 years of age. You must be at least 16 years of age to create an account or otherwise submit information to the service.

Account Creation

You must create an account in order to access all features of the service. Creating an account using official STiBaRC software is done by submitting a registration form. Third-party STiBaRC software may use a similar registration form to allow you to create an account. You may provide your name, email address, and birthday when creating an account, but none of these are required to be provided. You can choose to display these items on your profile or keep them private from other users.

Data We Collect

When you create an account, we collect your username, a hash of your password, name (if provided), email address (if provided), birthday (if provided), and preferences regarding whether this information should be displayed on your profile. You can create posts and comments, which will be stored with your username and the time they were created. If you edit your profile to add a "bio" it will be collected. If you donate to STiBaRC, the fact that you did so will be stored as part of your profile. Your IP address is collected as part of standard server logs.


All user data is stored separate from the website, on a database not accessible to the outside world. All access to the database is logged and is reviewed frequently.
If an intrusion is found, all affected users will be notified appropriately and quickly.
Information not publicly displayed is not accessible to anyone, even through the API, except to the associated user and us.
Your password is never stored in plain text. As soon as it is sent to the server, it is quickly hashed and removed from memory before any other process begins handling the information.


We do not use cookies on the website and other official STiBaRC software, however we do use LocalStorage to keep track of what user you are logged in as. A cookie is a piece of data stored on your device that allows the website to identify a repeat visitor to the site and improve your access. LocalStorage is a browser storage solution that allows a website to store small amounts of information on your device, however unlike cookies LocalStorage is not sent to the server at all times unless it is specifically requested. Use of cookies and LocalStorage are not linked to personally identifiable information.


Official STiBaRC software and user-created content submitted to the service may contain links to third-party websites. We are not responsible for the content or privacy practices of third-party websites.

Content Removal (Notice for Minors)

You can submit content to the service to be shown publicly. If you wish for your content to be removed from the service, you can contact us by email (see "Contact Us"). Depending on the request or context, this data may simply be marked as deleted (it will still not be served to anyone unless it is requested to be undeleted), or may be permanently removed with no option of recovery.


We do not acknowledge your DNT settings, because we do not track you.
There is currently no third-party software linked in official STiBaRC software.


Personal data we collect is not shared with third parties.

Choices and Changes

If you chose to show any personal information when you created your account and wish to hide it, you can stop showing your name, email address, or birthday individually by choosing "Edit profile" on official STiBaRC software.
You can view the personal information you provided on this same page.
If you wish to receive more detailed information about your personal data, you can submit a request by email (see "Contact Us").

Changes to This Privacy Policy

Users will be notified of changes to this privacy policy through posts on STiBaRC itself, the official STiBaRC Twitter (@STiBaRC and @STiBaRC_Team), and potentially email if the change is important to how user data privacy is handled.

Contact Us

Questions and concerns regarding privacy may be directed to